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What We Believe In

Decolonize Healthcare holds a vision of patient empowered natural healing through ancient practices and modern scientific advancement.


The mixing and sharing of ideas knowledge and ways of knowing is happening in a way never before possible. Our primary mission is to provide zero cost health related science and education to the public with a hope that they will be better able make their own decisions when considering health related concerns.

 Modern allopathic Medicine took over America at the turn of the century due to a series of events like the Flexiner report and the invention of pharmaceutical drugs. Since the tyrannical imperialist reign of biochemical based allopathic medicine, many ancient secrets and ways of knowing & healing were all but lost.


Some healing practices were indeed lost forever. But some modalities that remained have been or are currently being investigated by modern science to better understand its efficacy and mechanisms of action.

It is our goal to bring to everyone alternative, non pharmaceutical, safe and effective treatment options  for the things that ail us.

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