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Decolonizing Minds

To decolonize a mind that mind must be exposed to uncolonized cultures and concepts. Since colonization killed almost everyone who held these cultural secrets, we are lucky to still have some clues left for us in literature. So, our team has put together a book list for you! Each selection was chosen for its ability to change lives. These titles  present a lens for those us of raised in the dominant capitalistic culture of the world to be able to see ourselves and the earth in new ways. That foster healthy relationships with each other and our planet.

Book List

Ishmael - by Daniel Quinn - Start with this one- A book set up as more or less a series of  socratic conversations between a sage and student. As the student asks learns and thinks more he has his cultural perspectives and beliefs about today's dominant culture utterly obliterated by the Sage. Who happens to be a literal gorilla. This is a must read for all people.  

Braiding Sweetgrass - by Robin Wall Kimmerer - A Native American author and botanist explores the inseparable bond between human animal and nature or environment. Beautifully displayed in the lifecycle of sweetgrass. Nature needs us as much as we need her. Symbiosis is the goal. Her insights on the origin stories  of a people and how they affect behavior is as insightful as Ishmael. Explored in a less academic more personal way.

Domesticated - by Richard C Francis - Tameness is the key trait of domestication though there are more requirements for classification. This book is about how humans have domesticated dogs, cats, horses, cows and even ourselves! As well as the biological consequences of it.

American Nations - by Collin Woodard- a chronological and anthropological look at the founding of the United States. Who settled where and how that affects culture and even personality regionally. It's WAY more interesting than it sounds.

the 4 Agreements - by Don Miguel Ruiz - A profound book of first world (Toltec) wisdom about conditioning. How we are all subject to it and how we can change that conditioning when it no longer serves us.

The Alchemist - by Paulo Coelho- A short read of adventure and faith. A boy seeking his personal legend learns just how the universe works on an adventure chasing a recurring dream. Its all about listening to your heart and to the omens around you. "When a person is in  search for his or her personal legend the universe conspires to help him." is our personal favorite line.

the Wayfinders - by Wade Davis - Displays the incredible abilities of 1st world peoples to navigate nearly impossible journeys using their cultural knowledge, in lieu of GPS for hundreds of years. Proving that what seems impossible, even with advanced tech can be possible with skill and practice perfected over generations.


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