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 Decolonize Healthcare is proud to partner with South Jersey Recovery Village. By working closely with local clinicians, hospitals, unions, employers and other local organizations, they save lives by helping more people access specialized addiction treatment, regardless if it’s with us or one of our community partners.

South Jersey Recovery Village

The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper, like all Advanced Recovery Systems facilities, offers high-quality levels of client care and customer service. Beyond our trusted, evidence-based treatment plans, we provide:

  • Expertise: Our multidisciplinary staff of addiction specialists and health care professionals offer around-the-clock care to clients, treating substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions simultaneously.

  • Quality and accreditation: Our facilities are licensed by state authorities and accredited by The Joint Commission, the gold standard in health care accreditation.

  • Nationwide network of facilities: With locations in New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Washington and Maryland, a client is never too far from a treatment facility.

  • Convenient admissions process: We make it easy for clients to get treatment as soon as possible. In most cases, our facilities can offer instant insurance verification, same-day admissions and other services that provide help when it’s needed the most.

  • Dedicated community outreach team: Our team raises awareness through community events, educational functions, seminars and more.


In addition to working directly with our referral partners to get their clients into the life-changing treatment they need, we also provide support and share our expertise with our network of community partners.

  • 24/7 real-time support: Our phones and messaging services are staffed around the clock by caring and knowledgeable admissions representatives.

  • Drug policies and culture assessments: Our outreach team works with businesses to assess and create well-functioning policies that work seamlessly within the culture of each workplace.

  • Training and compliance: We can provide guidance and training to those in leadership roles on how to identify and manage substance-related issues in the workplace.

  • Continuing education (CE) events and webinars: The medical community’s understanding of substances and addictions is ever-evolving. We provide resources to help our partners to stay up-to-date on best practices and cutting-edge breakthroughs



South Jersey Recovery

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