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How exactly does our biology affect our behavior at our best and worst?

This entire category was created with one teacher in mind. Dr Sapolsky. He is a behavioral biologist and primatologist with decades of experience studying and teaching at Stanford. He is often thought to be one of the greatest lecturers in Stanford's history.


In the link below you will find dozens of his Stanford lectures FREE and much much more.

He has many wonderful book that are powerhouses of information that he presents so perfectly you'll have no idea how much you've learned until you accidentally bringing up neurotransmitter functions at the dinner table.

If you want to know how environment, genes, hormones and neurotransmitters all come together to affect the human animal look no further.

Behavioral Biology: News

Meet Dr Sapolsky

Dr Sapolsky is a Neurologist and primatologist who is considered to be the best lecturer Stanford has ever had. He has written an amazing book called Behave that explores the most dramatic topics one can cover when it comes to human behavior and biology.

Behavioral Biology: Text

His incredible playlist

This is a playlist of LIVE lecture recordings from Standford. FREE lectures, IN ORDER, from one of the greatest lecturers in the world from one of the best SCHOOLS in the world teaching you one of the COOLEST and most useful subjects in the world. Human Behavior! That's 10's of thousands of dollars saved on tuition!! Enjoy you lucky duck!

Behavioral Biology: Video

Nature V Nurture

Discussed in this video are many concepts that must be considered in the Nature V nurture conversation. Simply put you cant separate the two. Turns out even mass murderers have a gene that were they not severely abused themselves would have made them less violent!

Behavioral Biology: Video
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