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P value, Sample size, RCT and Metta analysis

learn how to read and interpret scientific papers for yourself. You may not be a  scientist but that doesn't mean you cant learn to think like one!

Scientist on Computer
How to understand a Scientific Article: Categories

The golden era of the information age has quickly devolved into the disinformation age. Data doesn't lie but it must be interpreted to have real world value. This is why many people are finding themselves wanting to interpret scientific data themselves. This is a wonderful desire! as well as a very tall order. These videos act as a brief introduction to the FUNDAMENTALS you need to know to start doing your own research. You'll learn what order to read the sections in and how to extract key points to help you become a quality researcher.

This short video collection was picked to provide you the most succinct introduction to get you started reading, comprehending and thinking critically when it comes to scientific data. Each one was picked to highlight separate but important considerations. Watch them all to have the best foundation for your own analysis.

 Now you know how to read thru an article, understand the meaning and outcomes, but that doesn't mean that it was "good" science. There's a lot more to data interpretation than most people realize. The next video covers why skepticism is just as important while reading scientific publications as it is in news articles.

The final video explains the details of some of the biggest complications scientists and researchers face in interpretation and publication. Its meant to display just how hard it is to create "good science."

Are you confused yet? Look, its a LOT to take on trying to read comprehend and critically think about each and every study that we come across. News outlet and content sites tout "new study finds" all the time. But that doesn't mean the data is reliable.


No matter what you hear or read keep a skeptical ear on the subject especially if you feel yourself wanting to agree immediately. Science is truly practiced like an art. It takes humans with interests and experiences to interpret any data. So before we start jumping to conclusions lets remember to remain both open minded and skeptical.

To have an open mind is a good thing. So long as its not so open your brain falls out.

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