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Eat More Veggies and Fruits w/o hating life🍎🥕

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Those of us that grew up with the food pyramid were lied to. The science is clear that when it comes to health and body function veggies should be the staple of everyone's diet not grains. Our cultures food foundation has been grains like wheat for a while. We thought they were healthy. Turns out veggitables should be at the base of the pyramid not grains. Grains and the insulin response that comes with them are actually whats behind most cardiac issues when it comes to diet. Carbohydrates in grains cause glucose to float around in your blood stream until insulin can take it inside cells for use. Turns our the glucose is very hard on our circulatory system. Science has recently discovered glucose to be behind the inflammation and plaque build up in our arteries and veins. It was thought to be cholesterols and fats. Low fat high carb is probably the single worst diet a person can have for maintaining health. Replace those tortillas with a kale leaf. Replace breads with potatoes and replace potatoes with zuchinni. I know it sounds crazy but it works quite well!

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